We prepare your Crews for the Airbus A220-100 and A220-300.

Comprehensive training solutions: Flight Training Alliance, a Joint Venture of CAE and Lufthansa Aviation Training, has been selected by Airbus as the sole Authorized Training Provider (ATP) for A220 training worldwide.


Pilots, Dispatchers and Flight Attendant crews of the Airbus A220-100 and A220-300 will be trained in our network in order to be ready for the entry-into-service date of the aircrafts.  The FTA courses have been developed in close cooperation with Airbus and Airbus Canada. 


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Type Rating

Type rating training offers the combination of practical training in the full-flight simulator, theoretical instruction, and Web-/computer-based training. The structure of the course is determined in close cooperation with Airbus.

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Recurrent Training and Checking

The aim of recurrent training and checking is to retain the type rating (LPC) and/or fulfill the respective operator requirements (OPC). All technical and operational topics are individually tailored to meet the requirements of the competent authority and the operator's training manual.

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Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC)

The MCC serves to optimize the teamwork and cooperation of cockpit crews. The emphasis is on teaching interpersonal skills. MCC courses can be booked as a “stand-alone” course or combined with the type rating course.

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Bridge Course

Our bridge training course prepares trainees with limited experience in a modern-glass cockpit with the aim of completing the A220 Type Rating in an appropriate time period.



Instructor Courses

The instructor courses of FTA are designed to fit the background and experience of the pilots with the operational needs and privileges to become a qualified Instructor in the A220-100/300 Aircraft Type (BD-500). The Instructor course of FTA has been developed in accordance to EASA regulations. Other Non-EASA Civil Aviation Authorities could have different regulations. 

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Low Visibility Training (LVO)

Participants acquire flight approach certification under CAT II or CAT III-A weather conditions. Central components are multilevel practical training in the full-flight simulator and e-learning courses. Additional content: system basics, normal and abnormal procedures.



Head-Up Guidance System (HUD/HGS)

A head-up guidance system (HUD/HGS) displays flight data within the pilot's field of vision. This system will be available upon customer request on the Airbus A220. If selected, the pilots will be familiarized with this course during the Type Rating to operate this sytem. Should the operator require additional HUD/HGS knowledge for the pilots, an extensive (stand alone) training is also available

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Zero Flight Time Landing Training (ZFTT)

The ZFTT FFS mission shall be performed after a type rating skill test and it is exclusively dedicated to landing training and qualifies the pilot to avoid base training (take offs and landings in an aircraft)


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Other A220 Training Products

Dispatcher Transition Course

Well-trained flight dispatchers are responsible for ensuring an airline’s commercial success by overseeing smooth, safe, economical and punctual flight operations. The flight dispatcher course provides the knowledge and skills required for A220-specific dispatch of the aircraft, including general aircraft system knowledge, use of MEL/CDL/performance calculations and weight and balance operations.

This course is based on instructor-led, on-site training, comprising typical classroom lessons with presentations of the instructor at one of the ATP’s training centers in Europe or at other worldwide locations upon request and mutual agreement between Airbus Canada, the customer and Flight Training Alliance. Distance / Remote training is also available and according to the ICAO standards for remote training. 

The dispatcher training is a three-day course, consisting of theoretical instruction and several case studies.

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A220 Cabin Type Specific Training

The A220 Cabin Type Specific training makes your Flight Attendant crew fit to fly on this new aircraft.

This 2-days course consists of emergency procedures and regulations to qualify the cabin crew in the understanding of the procedures and the performance of their duties in an emergency. The training combines a balanced content of theoretical and practical sessions and is designed as training for experienced cabin crews.

It’s based on the idea of fundamental theory, established in the classroom, supported with the e-learning tools developed by Airbus. Practice is delivered the state of the art Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET) where, from simple door training to complex procedure training, the crews will be readied for any scenario on board the new A220.

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A220 Maintenance Training

Are you interested in maintenance training for the A220? Our sister company Lufthansa Technical Training is the global Authorized Training Provider in this area.

Lufthansa Technical Training - A220