Location: Welcome to Frankfurt.

Flight Training Alliance provides optimal training conditions. We have summed up all relevant information for our location in Frankfurt.


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Location Guide

Flight Training Alliance GmbH

Airportring, Tor 24, Building 392
60549 Frankfurt/Main

Location Guide


For all crews, registration is required before the start of training. They can conveniently register at home and access eRegistration on the Lufthansa Aviation Training homepage.


If the simulator training will be performed under the responsibility of an approved organization of Flight Training Alliance, then the re-quired data will be processed as standard today. No additional registration is necessary. Trainees will receive their QR code automatically along with all of the necessary training documentation.


The following documents have to be carried:

- QR code (confirmation of registration)

- Personal ID/passport

- Airline ID (not considered an official ID)


To continue for eRegistration please follow this link.