Combined Expertise for best-in-class training

Flight Training Alliance is a Joint Venture between Lufthansa Aviation Training and CAE to provide best-in-class training solutions for the Airbus A220, leveraging on the strengths and the core expertise of the two industry leaders.


The introduction of the Airbus A220 (formerly, Bombardier C Series) in the market provides an opportunity to expand the long-standing relationship that CAE and Lufthansa Aviation Training have had to a full partnership in the provision of training:


  • Cockpit / Pilot training
  • Cabin Crew and emergency courses
  • Dispatcher and Flight Operations


Flight Training Alliance provides training in support of all entitlement training granted to operators by Airbus and offers a complete range of post-entitlement training and customized services on a global basis. Both partners leverage their respective expertise in the following areas:


  • Global training network
  • Expertise in training delivery
  • Standards and quality
  • Airline operational experience
  • Technology leadership
  • Airline relationships

Everyday flight Operations need reliability. Benefit from our competence with Flight Training Alliance.

Our Mission: best-in-class training for the A220 worldwide

Flight Training Alliance is appointed as the worldwide "Authorised Training Provider" (ATP) for pilot, cabin crew and dispatcher training of the exciting A220-100 / A220-300. As the ATP, our Mission is to provide best-in-class A220 training worldwide, supporting the Entry Into Service of the aircrafts to Airbus customers and operators whilst delivering leading industry training standards, reliability and safety to sustain airline operations. 


As a Joint Venture of CAE and Lufthansa Aviation training, Flight Training Alliance benefits of cutting-edge simulation technology, access to a vast network of training centers, resources and the highest standards of training and instruction supported by the ATO and CCTO of both parent companies. 

Furthermore, Flight Training Alliance and Airbus use the same training program courseware and curriculum to ensure consistency in quality and delivery across the network. We will continuously work with Airbus to ensure that training programs are current with aircraft evolution over the life of the aircraft program.

To support the expanding presence of A220 worldwide and the growing fleet of all operators, Flight Training Alliance will invest and deploy simulators and training programs to support the entry-into-service and ongoing aircraft deliveries to operators worldwide, leveraging the global network of both parent companies.

In cooperation with Lufthansa Technical Training, we offer every operator of Airbus A220 the complete required training for a smooth, safe, and economical entry into the service of their fleet.

CAE: A global leader in civil aviation training solutions.

CAE is the world’s leading supplier of civil flight simulators, with more than 1,000 simulators and flight training devices sold to more than 130 airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and training centers. The company has simulated almost every modern airliner for both major and regional carriers, as well as many of today’s business jets and helicopters, and has recently developed, or is currently under contract to develop, the first simulators for many of the world’s newest aircraft platforms.

With more than 230 full-flight simulators in 50 civil training locations worldwide, CAE has the largest network of civil training locations in the industry. CAE serves approximately 3,500 airlines, aircraft operators, and manufacturers across the globe.


Lufthansa Aviation Training: training based on airline experience.

As one of the world’s leading providers of training courses for cockpit and cabin crews, Lufthansa Aviation Training offers you everything you need to ensure that your airline is truly a high flyer. As a wholly owned Lufthansa subsidiary, one quality feature in particularly applies to its entire range of products and training courses: They are based on airline experience.

Lufthansa Aviation Training uses many decades of experience to develop flexible training programs that guarantee the customers’ optimal learning success and cost-effectiveness. All the training courses are based on clearly defined principles: practical orientation, flexibility, customer orientation, quality, efficiency, and reliability. They are geared towards practice and apply the knowledge and experience from over half a century of airline training to achieve the best possible learning success. More than 200 airlines from around the world place their trust in the training expertise of Lufthansa Aviation Training.