We operate in Europe at the LAT Training Center in Frankfurt for cockpit training and in the LAT Training Center Zurich for cabin and emergency training.

In 2021 we expanded our network to North America at the CAE Training Center in Montreal.

All training facilities are conveniently located and offer an excellent infrastructure. All materials and classrooms are precisely geared towards the needs of A220 training. We provide our customers with special business areas, free access to photocopy and fax equipment, wireless-internet access, telephone access, and student lounges, prayer rooms and refreshment areas. 


As a joint venture of industry leaders Lufthansa Aviation Training and CAE, we benefit of a combined network of +70 training centers located worldwide. FTA will be deploying simulator and instructor training capacity as the Airbus A220 fleet expands. 


Our first Full-Flight Simulator (FFS)  is located in the training facilities of Lufthansa Aviation Training in Frankfurt. Manufactured by CAE, it was declared Ready for Training in August of 2016 and it was the 3rd A220 FFS deployed worldwide. This Level-D FFS is equipped with the two versions of the aircraft: A220-100 and A220-300, each of them with its respective Qualification Certificate. 


Additionally the A220 Flight Training Device (FTD) is the perfect tool for realistic procedural training in a three-dimensional spatial environment with offers great benefits during the theoretical phase of training. 


 SN            Aircraft Version                    FSTD Number 
 2TY3      BD-500-1A10 (A220-100)    DE-1A-098 
 2TY3      BD-500-1A11 (A220-300)  DE-1A-109  
 118425     BD-500-1A11 (A220-300)    DE-2A-006  


Location:  Lufthansa Aviation Training Center Frankfurt: 

Airportring, Tor 24, Building 391 - 392




We provide A220 Flight Attendant and emergency and evacuation courses at the training center of Lufthansa Aviation Training Switzerland. At a short distance from the international airport of Zurich, our customers will enjoy a realistic training environment using the state-of-the art A220 Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET).


Location: Lufthansa Aviation Training Switzerland AG

Cherstrasse 1, 
8152 Opfikon
Telephone: +41 44 564-5900


In Canada we have assigned pilot training to CAE Inc. The A220 Full-Flight Simulator (FFS) is located in the training facilities of CAE Montreal. This Level-D simulator is approved by Transport Canada and FAA.


 SN            Aircraft Version                    FSTD Number 
 121164      BD-500-1A11 (A220-300)   1003 (Transport Canada) 
 1826 (FAA)


Location: CAE Montreal, Canada

8585 Cote-de-Liesse
Saint-Laurent, Québec
H4T 1G6 Canada